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Our Mission Is Helping People Their Way Back To God

Many Faces, One Fith

Pastor Kevin Kamalraj was born in a Hindu family, with much difficulties finished the school studies, was a soccer player & hockey goal keeper. While studying in collage he played for collage teams and state level matches. During that time he was involved in “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” movement. Also worked as a transliterate for 8 years and been initiated as ‘Neel Kamaldas” a priest.     With degree & sports certificate not able to get a job. With heavy hearted, no job, no money, no respect in family & society. During that time one of his Christian family invited him to a new year meeting in his church on 31st December 1988. In that meeting the translator not doing his job properly, so his friend asked him to translate the pastor. He told his friend he is a translator in hare Krishna movement . The Pastor prayer prayed for him and he translated the message without knowing the bible. After the worship he had peace of mind and felt his burden was taken away. In few weeks he took Baptism, Immediately he got a permanent  job in southern railways because of the sports merit. He got married and worked in railways for 8 years. God spoke to his wife Deborah, that he should resign the railway job. After that went to lot of sufferings in the slum, with 8 believer started prayer group no money. Know by the grace of God nearly 600 hundred people attending in the church also started 3 churches in villages.